Should I wear jewellery while playing tennis?

While a number of professional tennis players wear jewellery while playing tennis, it is better and safer for players to remove jewellery during competitive games.

Very often, the neck chains tennis players wear are items of personal significance, superstition or sentimental value. On occasion, tennis players wear specific jewellery because they are paid endorsers of the brand.

In the case of watches, in most cases, when a top player wears a watch it is because he or she is being paid to do it. Watch companies are very active marketers in the tennis world due to a target audience that tends to skew towards a more affluent demographic.  Many of the top players have sponsorship deals with leading watch companies. For example, among the leading players of the 2010s, Roger Federer, Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniacki were all endorsed by Rolex, Maria Sharapova was sponsored by TAG Heuer, Rafael Nadal endorsed Richard Mille, Andy Murray for Rado, and Novak Djokovic for Audemars Piguet.

Generally speaking, these watches are made of more expensive material (e.g. gold, silver or workout-friendly silicone), which are less likely to produce a negative skin reaction than cheaper materials such as copper, nickel or brass.

So, unless you are being paid to wear an expensive watch and have sponsors to keep sweet, it is probably best you remove your watch while playing tennis!

Similarly, you should consider taking any earrings off while playing tennis. Earrings are prone to being torn from earlobes when contact is made, and tennis can require a lot of sudden movements, slipping and sliding, not to mention a ball coming at you at speed.

When earrings are pulled out, this can cause bleeding, pain and scaring. Even if you don’t think your jewellery will get caught on clothing or sporting equipment, sometimes simple stretches or rapid body movements can cause the hole to tear.

When it comes to rings, due to the fact a ring can impact your ability to grip a racket, it is best to find somewhere safe to store it while playing. Andy Murray likes to tie his wedding ring to his shoe to keep it close. This strategy risks losing or damaging the ring and we would not recommend it, it’s better that you place the ring in a locker or secure gym bag to ensure it is not lost or stolen.

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