What are the best overgrips to buy for a tennis racket?

An overgrip is a thin layer of fabric that not only protects your tennis grip, but also helps to prevent you from getting blisters on your hands. An overgrip is placed on top of your existing grip to save replacing the original grip.

A game of tennis can be a very sweaty affair, and a good overgrip will absorb this moisture while also providing a more sticky surface for you to get a better grip on your racket on those big points.

In this article, we review some of the overgrips available to buy online to help with your game. We recommend changing your overgrip regularly for hygiene, performance and maintenance reasons, so it may be worth going for the larger multi-packs

Wilson unisex pack of 3 white overgrips

This is a soft overgrip made of thin, stretchy material that enables a long-lasting, consistent performance. The pack includes adhesive tape to attach the overgrip.  

Wilson unisex pack of 3 orange overgrips

A similar product to the one described above but in a different colour.

Head Xtremetrack in white or black

This grip has been designed with elastomer material, and has added traction lines and super tacky surface to ensure you have control of the racket.

Babolat white

This grip by Baboblat is super adhesive, absorbent and is very easy to place onto your racket.

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