The best white tennis t-shirts for men to buy online

It is important that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing on the tennis court, and the right t-shirt in particular will ensure you have enough freedom of movement while you are swinging and moving about.

In addition to functionality, the style should also be right for you. There is a huge variety of upper-body wear available for tennis from Nadal-style tank tops to classic t-shirts.

In this guide we would like to make it easier for you to find tennis clothes in the sports traditional colour, white.

  1. Bjorn Borg white tennis top

This stylish Björn Borg tee in recycled polyester stretch includes an insert panel under the arm that provides a comfortable fit and makes your movements unhindered. The t-shirt also has a higher armhole that has been constructed for optimal movement.

This t-shirt includes a longer length designed for overhead exercises such as serving and hitting smashes and a longer back hem for extra coverage.

2. Under Armour white tennis top

This Under Armour polo has been designed for active men with a passion for tennis, but is also ideal for wearing in any casual or active setting.

This t-shirt features short sleeves to allow for free movement of the arms while you are on the court. The t-shirt also offers sun protection, reflecting the harmful rays to protect skin and prevent overheating. This t-shirt is light, loose-fitting, breathable and comfortable to wear, and features a polo collar and two buttons.

3. Nike Court Dri-fit

The Nike Court Dry-FIT team men’s tennis polo features a sweat wicking fabric to ensure comfort and mobility on the court.

Nike’s Dri-FIT Technology helps you stay dry and comfortable while playing, while the t-shirt also includes rolled-back shoulder seams let you move freely through your swing.

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