Is tennis a good workout?

Tennis is one of the best full-body, calorie-burning workouts you can find. Tennis’s emphasis on quick, explosive movements, dynamic strength and endurance will help you get into shape while having a lot of fun in the process.

 “It’s a high-intensity interval training workout that burns between 400 and 1,000 calories an hour,” says Mark Kovacs, PhD. He’s the executive director of the International Tennis Performance Association. It’s also an ace for strength training.

A game or even a rally of tennis encompasses numerous quick-fire bursts of speed that are unpredictable and require concentration and movement – it is for this reason that Bjorn Borg, formerly the world no.1 tennis player, once described tennis as ‘a thousand little sprints.’

As a result, tennis involves intervals of fast movement that are great for cardiovascular health. This helps to keep your heart rate elevated and your blood flowing, as well as enabling your muscles to tone through all the twisting and turning.

Additionally, studies have found that tennis improves musculoskeletal health due to its variety and intensity, with results showing that tennis players have a more favourable BMI, better upper body and lower extremity function than the gym-goers who do not play tennis.

Overall, tennis is a great sport to get into for physical and mental health and provides a way to exercise, socialise and get into shape, while improving your coordination and picking up a sport you can play for life.

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