What are the best socks to wear for tennis?

The socks you choose to wear while playing tennis can have an important impact on your movement, foot health and ultimately, your performance. It is not uncommon for players to invest in high-end tennis shoes while neglecting to buy suitable socks, which can lead to blisters and discomfort which will ultimately impact your game.

Playing a game of tennis can give your body a full workout during which you are likely to be moving and sweating a lot – having appropriate footwear can be vital to your performance. Below is a short list of the best tennis socks available on Amazon to provide you with the movement and comfort you need while on the court.

  1. Champion men’s sportswear

These socks are extremely comfortable and include a cushion inside the sole to provide extra comfort while you are moving around the court. The socks are made using Double DryTM technology which wicks sweat away from your skin, allowing your feet stay cool and dry while you are playing tennis.

2. Puma unisex socks

Suitable for both men and women, these socks are comfortable, affordable and durable, making them a great choice for tennis, jogging and other sporting activity.

3. Reebok tennis socks

Reebok’s Essential Crew socks are designed for comfort and performance. They are available in white and multicoloured options.

4. Nike cotton socks

Nike’s cotton socks are a highly popular choice of sock providing comfort and cushioning for tennis and other high-intensity sports.

5. Wilson crew socks

These socks are a more high-end choice with a classic, elegant design. They are very supportive and do not move while you are playing, these socks stay tight to your feet and are very comfortable. 

6. Babolat unisex socks

Babolat is a high-quality tennis brand – these socks are at a slightly higher price range but are worth the difference in comfort and durability.

7. Head socks

These tennis socks are quite thick offering a nice fit and full shock absorption while you are exercising.

All of these socks are available to buy on Amazon in the UK and worldwide.

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